Thursday, July 1, 2010

a Present a Week! {till Christmas}

Yes! I'm really going to do it! Today I got the ingredients for two tutu's (one for Annie, one for Lily) plus a t-shirt that I will embroider for Lily (tutu + tshirt combo).

I also got 3 white long sleeved tshirts to also embroider or applique, or maybe screen print for Reuben, Rhys and Caleb to go with the pj pants I'm going to make them (already have the fabric for them.) So that's technically 5 presents for $39 dollars.
Annie and Lauren were sharing morning tea
at Playcentre.

I'm going to draw a name for the quilt this afternoon.


  1. Sounds very productive, I'm doing chocolates (I hope) but I suppose I could work out what I'm doing with the boxes!

    And weren't Annie and Lauren so cute sharing today

  2. come check out tutu photo fun on my blog, Made 2 for granddaughter and photographer had fun!

  3. already planning are one prepared lady. the things you are making are going to be great.


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