Friday, July 23, 2010

The quilt that almost did not happen {except I had been paid for it already}!!

It's a disappearing nine-patch (one of my favourites)
For my sister in law to give away today!
it actually has turned out beautiful
thanks to the genius quilting by Shenleigh!
But it caused me a LOT of grief in the making!
Funny that... sometimes the things that we make on order
cause us the most consternation!

I stopped by the side of the road to photograph this quilt
and someone hooted their horn at me!
Doesn't it look so pretty??
I will give a prize to any Christchurch person
who recognizes this spot!

I'm off to make two pairs of pj pants before dinner
so that I can complete my challenge for this week!
(Gotta love a deadline... see you tomorrow)


  1. I find commissioned work gives me the most grief too- I was just asked to make a commissioned quilt and instead I sent the person off to a quilting course!

  2. Gorgeous quilt by the way! I love a disapperaing nine patch :)

  3. Love the quilt

    As for the location it's Palinarus Road, not that I realised it had it's own name for a long time, I thought it was still more of Rutherford St!

  4. Deb this is just gorgeous! Love the colours and fabrics. I must try that pattern some time.

  5. Beautiful quilt, love the colors you used together. Amazing how that simple 9 patch turns into something so very beautiful.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend in NZ. We are finally getting some cooler(normal) weather here in San Diego, CA


  6. this looks amazing...i just love, and i know i have said it before, that you stop around your town and take pictures of your quilts. i love it.

  7. Deb, I adore the colors and it turned out fabulous!


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