Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Corners of my home...

Thursday is cleaning day in my house.
After seeing this the other day on Debbie's blog
I decided to take some pictures.
I quite often change the arrangement of treasures...
I think it makes our house feel homely
and LOVED!
I use a lot of thifted baskets and old suitcases
to make up for the complete lack of storage in this house!


  1. but the baskets look so great. i love that you have them everywhere.

  2. cute! I collect the same baskets! Also, I have a package all ready to send you for the swap, that's if you are still interested in being part of it? I just need your address and I'll send it off... But if you have decided to pull out that's all good too, there is an extra someone waiting in the wings who could step in... Otherwise I might send out two parcels! Let me know what you would like to do :-)


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