Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sashiko Ramblings...

I've been loving running stitches lately.
Especially rows of stitches.
Or patterns.. this one by Purl Bee - (amazing site)
I'm thinking of making another one of these quilts.
It takes about 5 packets of charm squares.
But I thought I would put some Sashiko blocks in it
out of woollen blanket...
taking the equivilent of 4 squares, and maybe some rectangles.
It would add some real texture I think.
I'm also thinking about quilting it as I go.
(In strips)
And also running it as a quilt-a-long.
Just because.

Any one interested??


  1. you are the most motivated woman i know...that quilt is beautiful. i am not familiar with sashiko i am going to have to look into it.

  2. I'm game. Always up for ways to use up my charm squares...I have billions hehehe

    Heading over to purl bee, love the sashiko.


  3. Sounds interesting and I love that quilt and the sashiko interests me too!Count me in!
    Georgie x

  4. OK so for people like me what exactly is a quilt-along? Just in case I'm game to sign up...

  5. I've never done sashiko . . . that link says it's a tutorial, but I don't see the instructions?

  6. That would definitely be a quilt along I would be up for!


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