Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today for the first time ever, noone in our house got dressed until lunchtime.
 We watched the first day of the tour on TV and just blobbed around.
James and Annie are sick and everyone else is tired, lol!

I finally got the blocks sewn for a quilt someone ordered
(can't show you yet)
But I did sew five of these blocks
just so I could have something to show!

Just to make up for the fact everyone is a bit out of sorts
I picked a huge bunch of Wintersweet.

It smells divine.
Reuben is playing in his new teepee.
(By the way, random thought,
what is the difference between a wigwam and a teepee??
I have no idea)

Annie had a long long bath in the sun
and I sung the five little ducks song
about 25 times.

Some days are just like that eh!
Luckily Chrissy found a packet of m and ms somewhere
Gotta love a kid who will share her m and ms!


  1. this sounds like a day from heaven...i love what you have gotten done on the asterisk quilt. that wintersweet is gorgeous. we have something here called bittersweet that is orange.

  2. i think the wigwam is actually a bigger structure and has a curvier roof - but somewhere along the line we use wigwam and teepee for the same thing - the little tent with the pointy roof!! dont quote me on that - i may be wrong (anthropology lectures were many many years ago....!!
    p.s what a lovely day to spend a sunday.... mines been far too busy doing all the chores i havent had time to do during the week! xx


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