Tuesday, August 24, 2010

12 + 2 = Q (Far far away quilt)

Sometimes you just have to sew something from start to finish. I've been doing a lot of bee blocks lately (which I keep forgetting to post about) and so the other weekend while David was playing bike polo I got out my very treasured pile of Far Far Away fabrics and made the 12 + 2 quilt using the very excellent tutorial by Elizabeth at Oh Franson. I had 10 fabrics but it worked perfectly with that, I think you just need an even number.
It really is the easiest quilt to sew up,
 I must remember it for next time I'm in a hurry.

The fabrics are so soft and lovely.
A bit challenging to sew, but a delightful feel.

I free-motioned quilted it myself.
This is the biggest quilt I've done free motion
(usually I chicken out and get Shenleigh to do it
or stitch in the ditch)

Annie-Rose loves it.
I love it.
Plus it made me happy to make a quilt in a weekend.


  1. Looks fantastic, gorgeous fabrics too!

  2. i love it is so hard to cut into those treasured fabrics. these fabrics are so pretty. i love the color of the solid you used.

  3. I love it! It is always nice to be able to make a quilt from start to finish.

  4. I can't believe you finished a quilt in a weekend, I am floored. Or maybe I am just lazy!

    It's lovely! And I love the fabrics!

  5. Beautiful quilt! Wish I could get one done in a weekend like that!

  6. It's beautiful and looks so soft. Every little girls dream :)

  7. well done, it looks beaut!!! Real summery

  8. Wow, how glorious! It looks like springtime has arrived a week early in your garden. What a great way to enjoy your Heather Ross fabric!

  9. Deb, what a beautiful quilt! It must be wonderful to have all of those gorgeous fabrics in a quilt (mine are still in the cupboard...) Great work with the quilting too. Enjoy.


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