Wednesday, August 18, 2010

As surely as the sun will rise...

Spring will come!
I took your suggestions and got up early (before the sun)
and sewed two blocks of this quilt
which had been sitting on the UFO pile for a while.
It's making me smile as I clean the house!
and yesterday was a good day for yellow
which is such a spring colour
two lovely fabrics and some much needed
salt and pepper pots.
Why are there only pepper pots at the op shop??

For Lora and Me today...


  1. Lovely floral spring looking blocks Deb. Sure to brighten your day.

  2. okay lady you really are an inspiration! I have dusted off the sewing machine and am sewing ( using that term loosely)for the first time in many many years and am relying on my clothing and textiles knowledge from 5th form!! which by the way is not huge!!! so wondering if you would have some free time to have a coffee and let me pick your brains about some basics that I am rather rusty on! and have some ideas about basic basic patterns for young girls???? thansk Deb i really am loving reading your Blog!!! xo Alexis

  3. thank you, deb! i really needed to hear this song today. i was feeling so alone and then i checked your blog, halfway around the world, and you were thinking of ME! wow, what a wonderful God we serve. lora

  4. What a lovely sunshiney colour! It's been a bit glum and grey here, but today the sun is peeking through, hurrah!

  5. Patchwork blocks are looking great - I can see how they are making you smile! And beautiful sunny yellows!

  6. Loving those circle blocks!!

  7. these are lovely sure know your stuff. i bet i would get a lot more done if i got up before everyone in the morning.

  8. oh what inspiration abound,they are lovely blocks Deb. Yellow is such a spring colour huh..

  9. You really are doing a fantastic job with those quilt squares!!!

  10. Love those circle blocks! What are they called? Just trying to figure out where I could learn to make them . . . :)

  11. I do the same to get my day going, wake up early! Then the rest of my day is right as rain. Thank you for the song. It really hit a cord.

    I have given you a Versatile Bloggers Award. You can check it out here:

  12. its still too cold to get up the cute!!!xxx


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