Monday, August 16, 2010

Have I mentioned lately that I love this baby?

She's so cute really!
We've been busy hanging out.
I made her a quilt on the weekend
I'll try and get some pictures this week if the sun shines!

116 Bike Polo pictures here from David on the Weekend!

I've been busy sewing bee blocks though
this weekend. This block for my 3 x 6 bee.
I love squares, really I do.
I always hope people in my bee's will like them too!


  1. every corner on your bee block is so perfect and tidy. Annie Rose looks so sweet with that little clip in her hair.inel

  2. Annie Rose is such a sweetie! Pretty blocks...I would think anyone would be happy to get them!

  3. Shes so adorable! and shes got a little something on her nose ;) Aww...

  4. Annie Rose is ADORABLE and so it that block! It is VERY detailed, Deb!


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