Sunday, August 22, 2010


So it's nearly spring
at last!
It seems like every second person in Christchurch
is sick right now
including everyone except James in our house

Things are going to get a lot more perky around here
any minute now... I think

In the mean time,
we are keeping warm and tiding things up here and there

Including my blog roll.
I've been following a load of blogs instead of using the rss feed
cause I wonder if that's why my inbox keeps crashing!

How do you read the blogs you love?
Do you use rss feeds? Google reader? Blog roll?
Tell me the best way people do.

I promise I'll be crafting again as soon as I finish
the blasted beautiful bikini.
How can something so small be so difficult to knit?


  1. i use the blog list on my blogger dashboard. that way i can chose if i want to see just the post or go to the persons whole blog. love all the pictures. i can not wait to see this bikini.


    Seriously, it is the bomb. I was scared of it forever, but I love love love it now, especially because you can make a folder for your absoloute favourites so that when you click on it you see all their recent posts & there is no danger of losing them in the deluge of blogs (I have loads on the go, too).

    It's also easier to "clean up" than the blogger dashboard, and you can happily follow typepad & wordpress blogs... you want I should go on...?! ;)

  3. Google reader here too, have a box on my igoogle home page, can pick and choose what I want to read then mark the rest as read, not that I do that often! Easy to go to the full blog post if I want to comment

  4. I'm a fan of Google Reader. Its nice because you can easily link back to the original post. You can also see everything you haven't read yet on one page and scroll down to read it all.

  5. Yes I'm with Google Reader as well. I've got to say my life changed when I discovered Google reader. It has all my blogs on it including the ones I follow plus you can star items that you want to come back later and have a better look. Like the favourites button on flickr.
    I imagine the bikini has lots of shaping to it? I can remember my Mother knitting one when I was little for some teenage girls next door.

  6. I don't understand the google reader thing....where do they go after you click on follow on a wordpress blog??
    i use my blog roll off my blog for my faves and scan the dashboard reader every so often

  7. I think I'm doing it the long way after reading these comments :)

  8. I use bloglines. I 've got so used to it that I find it easier than any other reader.Honestly, I have not figured out google reader so I donot know anything about it.

  9. Widge, if you have sign in for google on the left there's a list of options, one is "more" in that pull down list reader is in there. Really easy to put a box on your igoogle homepage too

  10. I jumped onto Bloglines before I heard about Google Reader. It works for me and I'm userd to it, but I'm not necessarily convinced it's the best.

  11. I used to use Google Reader until I discovered that I have an RSS feeder in my mail application. It gives me the option to have feeds delivered directly into my inbox (I don't use this option) or simply into the RSS feed on the left side of my mail application. I use the later because I can click through blog by blog and my inbox doesn't get all clogged up.

  12. I use the blog list on blogger dashboard. I choose to show the lastest updates. It's pretty easy to keep up with.
    Love your new header.


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