Thursday, August 12, 2010

Possibly my best block ever...

this is for one of the quilting bee's im in,
I think it's for the bee improv one
but I actually remembered that after I made it
so there is not too much improv about it I suppose
but I do think it's one of the prettiest blocks
I've ever made!
The improv bit is that I didn't use a pattern! lol

By the way my computer has completely eated my email system
it's off being repaired as we speak.
I can read your comments
 but I can't answer them yet!


  1. this is really small are those pinwheels?

  2. It's a very pretty block! I'm a sucker for traditional blocks. Bummer about your computer. Hope you get it back soon.

  3. Looking at your blocks was really an "OH" moment for me, corny as that sounds! Sometimes you just really connect with something, and this is one of those times! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE them all!

  4. Beautiful block, Deb. Love those little pinwheels.

  5. Very cool block...and to not have a pattern, you did very well!

  6. I love those little pinwheels!

  7. You must be delighted with it! I'm loving pinwheels at the moment- I've only sewn straight lines and squares so far, but I feel there's a pinwheel quilt in my near future!

  8. Oh Deb - LOVE THEM!!!! I am so thankful to be the lucky recipient of such beautiful work. Thank you so very much!


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