Saturday, August 14, 2010

a Present a Week {till Christmas} Week 6

I have nothing to show this week, I have two completed projects, but can't show them :) I think I'm going to pick something easy this week, like a pencil roll or some Christmas bunting. Yes Christmas bunting sounds good to me :) Now the winner this week is Holly with her STUNNING acorns...
Honestly I don't now how she did these!
Holly can you email me with your address again :)
I must say the odds for you ladies are very good,
we need some more participants (or do we?)

Remember to link up below to enter the draw for 1/2 metre of fabric
(or maybe two fat quarters)


  1. Oh Deb I wish I could get my sewing mojo back so that I can join in! It's still MIA. I've got a few things done for presents but not for Christmas! It's fun watching what you are getting up to each week though!

  2. Well, I didn't manage to link this up last week, so I'm linking now. Now on to my next project....

  3. Yay! I like the odds the way they are, but I wouldn't mind a little competition, ha ha. Thanks for the kind words! My first prize arrived a few days ago... maybe I will make something with it this week!

  4. I'll have to start spreading the word about your giveaways to increase the competition for the competition! however as the date draws nearer I'm sure people will begin to trickle, then flood in ;)

    I loved the look of your secret sister-project. You'll need to start an undercover blog like Holly's!

  5. Okay, I must admit summer is almost over and school is back in session as of tomorrow. which means? I will be on board soon! My boys aren't interested in homemade gifts unless its food... so its time (I've procratinated long enough!!) Plus part of the issue was this... how exciting is it to see homemade vanilla extract or even jars of jam? (Yes I am from a family of foodies so its fun to give homemade "gourmet" food stuff!!!)

    Thank you for hosting this as I've really enjoyed following along! In fact it has given me some great ideas!!!

  6. I am really going to make an attempt this week to make a christmas present. I KNOW what it is I want to make, I know how to make it, I merely need one more piece of fabric and to get done the other 3projects ahead of it ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I might have to pull my finger out and start making some christmas prsents:) Have yarn here ready to knit the first of the Christmas Cardi's - stay tuned:)


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