Monday, August 23, 2010

Take three floral shirts, a great pattern and what do you get??

The answer? Hydrangea!
from the book: The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking
by Jane Brocket.
Annie-Rose woke at 5.45 this morning.
She went back to sleep but I didn't.
So I got up and did some sewing.
I love this pattern. It is so perfect for these mad fabrics.

Hopefully Annie-Rose will wake me up early again
and I can sew the other half.


  1. Wow, this is going to be lovely! You're right, it's the perfect pattern for the prints.

  2. you actually want to be woken up early? madness i say! sleep is good! sewing is too tho i must admit! - that looks stunning btw!!!

  3. I love your new photo header! And the quilt is beautiful! Great combo of colors!

  4. my goodness that is are amazingly productive in the wee hours of the morning....i tend to just slump over on the couch wondering why i am already awake. this looks amazing!!!

  5. That looks really yummy Deb. I saw you walking home from school yesterday and you were looking really yummy also.

  6. Totally awesome. Bikini driving you crazy huh! I'm a bit overwhelmed with the fact we have less than 2 weeks to finish!!


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