Friday, August 20, 2010

to-do list for Saturday...

  1. Sew a cover for the second hand wooden portacot we got for Annie-Rose
  2. Go to Lyttleton Farmers Market and buy some fresh veges
  3. Hang out with my Girls today, go to the meusum and see Quilt Exhibition
  4. Wonder how Reuben is doing on his first boys camp without us
  5. Cook something delicious for dinner using veges from market
  6. Get the house a bit tidy
  7. Finish knitting a bikini (my goodness it's taking ages)
  8. Buy two birthday presents and make two cards
I hope you have a fun to-do list for today like us!


  1. that is a super list!! i especially loved the knitting bikini part. Annie's little pigtails are so cute and the picture with Chrissy is precious.

  2. That photo of your girls is delightful! We need to sort out our plan of attack for the weekend!


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