Thursday, September 2, 2010


Poor Annie-Rose, she is having such a hard time.
She had two days of being well and now she has a terrible tummy bug.

Still with the sun shining outside, it's hard to feel too upset about things.
And I thank God for a great washing machine
(I love my front loader)
and as I wash my hands again and again
I have these lovely flowers to enjoy from my pots.
[Memo to self: must find handcreme]

Hope is is going well in your neck of the woods!
Stay away from the bugs people :)


  1. Your plate looks lovely sat in the window.
    Hope Annie-Rose picks up soon, she looks so cute in all her beads.
    Jacey x

  2. What adorable pictures! I hope she feels better very soon!

  3. she is just delightful...i am so sorry that she is getting one bug after another. i hope that you are staying well. those hats are wonderful

  4. Poor, A-R! I hope she feels better soon! I am glad that Spring is reaching you, but that means Winter is one step closer to us!

  5. She is so adorable with all her "fancy" jewelry. :)

  6. Bugs everywhere here too! So thankful for washing machines!! (cracking up at "Snot Head" name below cause that's how I feel at the mo)!

  7. Love the picture of Annie Rose especially the last one. Hope she gets better soon!


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