Monday, September 13, 2010

Gathering up the pieces...

I had three children at school today. It felt a bit funny dropping them off (the teenagers are at a temporary site) but they were happy to see their friends. I thought I would get lots done today, but really just pottered about not getting much done! This pile of lovelies (they are all bird fabrics) are going to be turned into 3-4 quilts in the next few weeks I hope for Sharyn, Simona and Odette (and maybe James with the scraps!).
This pile of thrifted loveliness is going to be a blanket a la Dottie Angel (without the tedious hours crotcheting squares!) I think I might dye the doillies though, because that is such fun. I wonder if I can use some natural dyes. I remember making a lovely yellow with onion skins when I was a kid. Must goggle it!
I need to make Miss Annie some summer clothes, so I'm going to do the Kids clothing Challenge. Must find some patterns, have plenty of fabric.
I have plans for these beauties too, ahem... but knitting calls. Only a few aftershocks today, it feels a bit more normal!


  1. birdie quilts are going to be so pretty!!! i can not wait to see your blanket. you are so creative and productive that i am sure all of it is going to be amazing

  2. I love birdies, they will be eautiful quilts! It's good to hear the aftershocks are settling down and things are slowly returning to normal.

    BTW speaking of birdies, I made one with your AMH fabric, I'll post it this week and send you a link- it's lovely!

  3. deb, i have a few wee goodies for you that'll go nicely for the child sewing challenge...thinking of you all in these stressful post earthquake times and hope the sunshine reaches you...


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