Sunday, September 26, 2010

I was support crew!

I went to Motueka on the weekend with these three lovely ladies. They did the Spring Challenge and I was support crew. They went up hill and down dale, on bikes and off.
Through so much mud. Oh my.
And in water too.
I found a great way to get all my unfinished projects done. Sit on the top of a beautiful hill for a few hours and wait for your crew! They did awesomely, and I am so proud of them. Well done girls, you are all winners in my book.


  1. what a awesome way to spend the day...for you and for them. i bet you were the best support crew there.

  2. Yup she surely was. We had the best support crew ever and it included of course Deb (who was just awesome), a chick called Brenda who fixed Simona's bike with moments to spare, the forestry guy who gave us a lift to the top of a hill and a pig hunter who rescued us from the bush. What a team!


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