Friday, September 17, 2010

Striking it lucky...

Oh me oh my, look what came for me today....
From the Here comes the Sun swap. I'm in love. Thank you Kylie, so so so so much.
I managed to get the last lollie in the packet... hmmm they were lovely. And I'm going to hide the ice tea for a sunny day. We can't get that in New Zealand, I don't know why.
But the absolutely best bit is this adorable cardy for Annie-Rose. It fits her like a glove and is the most adorable thing ever. Thank you Kylie, you are an absolute darling.  Someone has run off with the card, so I can't put her blog link up yet or email her :(, but I'll add it when I find it. Thanks so much to Vic for organising this. You are a star! Thanks so much.


  1. WOOT! She'll be so happy to know your parcel of sunshine has arrived; and WHAT A PARCEL! Just beautiful; that yellow is amazing! XO

  2. Oooh, is that an Olearia for Annie Rose? I simply *must* get that pattern. Every time I see it I love it more.

    What a fantastic package to brighten up your day.

  3. what an awesome package...that sweater is darling

  4. Oh yay - so glad that it arrived safely (no thanks to Australia post) And so glad that it fits you little miss (always a guess when knitting for others) If ou could manage a picture of her in it one day I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one:)

    Yes Cricket - it is the Olearia - it really is a must on the knitting pattern list - there are so many different versions you can knit.


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