Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to get 50 new pairs of socks....

  1. Pop a couple of nice pillows on the sofa and a pretty cushion
2. Install a lovely person on the sofa who has had a operation to fix her legs and can't walk currently.
3. Feed her kumera chips, coke zero and sugar buns.
4. Ask nicely if she would mind pairing some socks.
5. Gasp in amazement at how many pairs she made!

Simona, you are a genius. Please come back and sit on my sofa everyday.
I love you.
Really I do.
You are totally awesome.
I love having you in my life.

ps now I've linked your blog into this post twice, so people are going to visit and you are going to have to keep on blogging.


  1. Great post, Fun. I hope shes not in too much pain!

  2. I dropped by your friend's blog =)

  3. that is a lot of friend labor sounds so nice

  4. Aww, she has a big smile for someone who just had surgery. Hope she is on the mend soon. :)


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