Friday, October 1, 2010

I love my neighbours...

 I've been determined all week to get out in the garden today, but from the start it seemed impossible. First I HAD to go grocery shopping as we had NO food. I didn't mind too much because I had to go to the shops to get some vege plants anyhow.
 When I came home, James was being great. David had gone to work and James was getting Annie ready to go for a walk. Reuben on the other hand, was being a pain. He let the chickens out (hello egg laid in the lounge again), was playing on David's work computer in the office (a big no-no) dropping biscuit crumbs out there, no breakfast, not dressed nothing. I made him jump off the computer and vacuum the crumbs.
 It just seemed like my dream of getting the garden tidy was vapourising before my eyes. Annie and James arrived back and Annie started crying... I could see my day going down the gurgler.
Just then David arrived home and I poured out my woes to him. He took over the inside stuff and I went outside. My kind neighbour Liz came over and helped me and together we got the flower border weeded. She gave me plants from her garden to fill the spaces and then mowed my lawn. Hurray for Liz! While she did that I got my vege's planted and now the sprinkler is on watering all those plants in. I'm so pleased to have made some progress, our back yard was starting to look very neglected. Doesn't it just make you feel so much better when the place looks tidier? I really think so.


  1. Oh, don't you know it! When our surroundings are chaos, it seems our lives are chaos! What a blessing to have wonderful neighbors like that! Love your pics!

  2. Yes I know exactly what you mean. I find that just mowing my lawns makes everything seem so much tidier somehow as well. You're lucky to have such a wonderful neighbour.

  3. Thank God for good neighbours! I hope you have a good week. Warm wishes fro Tokyo, Japan!

  4. Yes indeedy. Outside is a great place to start when things seem on top of you.

    P.s. I mowed my own lawns the other day. I live with three men!


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