Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Things I am going to get in the next three days...
  • write and print 10 copies and bind a wee recipe book for Playcentre Fair
  • make a puppet and 10 puppet kits to sell at Playcentre Fair
  • Clean my whole house
  • Play with Annie
  • Cook nutritious meals for the family
  • Bake some cookies and cake for the weekend
  • Take Annie to the Dental Nurse for her first checkup
  • Take Nana to her eye appointment
  • Do last class for Course 2 at Playcentre
  • Attend a day class for Course 3 at Playcentre
  • Try and keep laundry mountain at bay
  • Be a parent supervisor at School Formal (I suppose I can't take my knitting???)
Things i won't get done in the next three days....
  • My bee blocks which I owe all over the place, I'm sorry
  • My Christmas stocking which is in its infancy, I'm sorry it's going to be late
How is your to-do list looking??


  1. well you can guess that my to do list is taking a little longer than usual...for some reason the sewing chair is not that comfortable right now. :o)
    you are one busy lady. Annie-rose and her sweet little babies and quilts, is too cute

  2. Why not give a heap of washing to 278 she is ALWAYS willing! :)xx

  3. I don't think my to-do list is as long as yours, however, some of the items on my list may take quite a while to complete.

  4. Just found you by following a link from bellbird - and I think you love a good list almost as much as I do! xxx


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