Friday, October 29, 2010

My Thoughts about Halloween....

When I was a child Halloween was something that was celebrated in other countries. And to be honest doesn't have a lot of relevance here, being spring and all, rather than a Fall festival. With the arrival of a lot of American TV, American customs have been coming into our country. Sadly it seems the witchy, goul, ghosty side of things is the main type of costume you see.

 For a long time, we didn't celebrate Halloween and put a sign on our gate "No trick or treaters". But as time goes on I began to wonder what message I was giving to the little children who only wanted a lolly or three. Did I really want their only contact with me all year to be me saying, "Go away, I have no treats for you"!??

I'm pretty sure if Jesus was here, he would give the children a lolly and a smile and send them on their way with a friendly wave, probably while telling them they didn't need to be afraid of the badies, His Dad is in charge. And so we do too, and I made some nice bright bunting and spruced up our entrance, all ready for tomorrow night.


  1. I wasn't home last year when trick or treaters called round but DH was and he ended up giving them an orange each as that was all we had that was remotely sweet-like. I'm hoping we don't get anyone call round tonight because I'm not prepared and Elijah is young enough not to know what it's really all about. Very kind of you to be prepared though.

    PS- thank you so so much for the pack - it arrived yesterday and I think it will be perfect for Jazz as she's shorter than me (nobody thought that was going to be possible because I'm not even 5'2) I will probably be seeing her next week, she'll be stoked - I think it's all very real now because they found out they're having a boy (which is what they wanted)

  2. Halloween is not celebrated here either... I love the transition that you have made and I like your reasoning too... Its really sweet of you to be prepared... I hope you have moments today that you will cherish all your life...

  3. I have never done halloween even as a kid, now i have my own kids im happy for them to go to parties etc but not door to door knocking only cause my daughter has coeliac and well she wont be able to eat the lollies, but when they are both older we might do family and friends houses bonus being in a navy street where we know most. I will have a sign up though saying no trick or treaters only cause my kids are young and will prob be asleep (there bedroom is right next to front door)

  4. I hope you get some cute costumes, if Halloween is making its way to your side of the country. Thankfully in our neighborhood we mostly get very young children dressed in cute outfits, so I don't mind giving out play dough (our alternative to sweets) =)

  5. you are right...when i was little we were not allowed to participate at all and it was such a bummer. now that i have kids of my own i realize that they are not concerned with the scary things but only with getting candy and getting to wear a costume with all their friends. so we take part and the kids have fun and unfortunately i eat too much candy.

  6. Halloween is something, like you said, that is from the US. I always wanted to be in the US for a Halloween night, sure it would be awesome. However we don't do it either. What Now was all about it this morning but still my 2 never really mentioed it or asked, so I guess we have got away with it for another year! However one yr in Auckland I did attempt to make an effort, ours were only babies at the time, knowing we had kids in the area, so I made sure we had goodies in case someone came knocking, but all we got were one or two kids from down the street that realised they were onto a good thing and scronged lollies off of all the houses, no costumes, no effort, just 'hey give me free lollies please'
    I only know of 1 other set of kids in our street here so probabky in for a quiet night

  7. i bought 3 packets of lollies to give out and no-one came so my hubby and I ended up scoffing most of them!!! our 3 year old kept asking 'when's Halloween coming" as she thinks it a person- it was quite hard trying to explain what halloween is, even i'm not really that sure!

  8. I found it really hard this year - with all of the decorations in the supermarkets and even Giggle and Hoot getting in on the act (THANKS ABC) I prefer to leave it as an American thing - we have American friends and even they say that they enjoy Thanksgiving the most - everything else is too commercialised.
    My catch cry to Amelia (5) was 'it is an American tradition and we dont celebrate it in our house' to that she would say that we celebrate birthdays, and christmas. I sat down with her and we talked about other things that we believed in and what else was important to us as a family.

  9. I'm not sure how it is in other states, but where I live in the US, Halloween is not what it once was. It's crazy now. It's turned into some marketing nightmare, I think. I don't like it. We usually end up at alternative parties (harvest theme rather than scary). We let our kids trick or treat but don't let them wear scary costumes. We pass out candy as well as pencils, plastic rings and little card games because I don't love all the sugar! I've noticed one trend springing up here, sweet alternatives. Thank goodness!


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