Saturday, October 2, 2010

a Present a Week {till Christmas} Week 13

I have to admit I'm picking all the easy presents off my list!
I did the embroidery for this when I spent some time on the top
of the hill last week (ahem)
 So putting the cushion cover together was easy peasy!
This is a present for David's Aunty Jean
and it's her favourite bible verse.

Congratulations to Holly and Annabel who are still going great guns
making presents!
Annabel wins this week
The odds are great aren't they? lol
Nevermind, I for one am so pleased I'm doing this challenge
there is no way in the world I'd be making these presents otherwise
so a big
for keeping me on track!

 You know the drill for this week... pop the link to the present you made in the comments. Come out of the shadows all you lurkers... I do give away half a yard/metre of nice fabric each week!


  1. I'm FINALLY linking up! I made a little crocheted bear - here's the link to the post:

    Here's hoping I win - and that I get my act together enough to start linking up more frequently! I'm afraid I haven't been getting nearly as much crafting as I would like done lately!

  2. Deb you are so talented. I love seeing what you link up each Sunday. I have been meaning to get started but it doesn't seem to happen.. next week maybe!!

  3. Oh wow! Thank you Deb, I've been really lucky with your giveaways! I'm spruiking them on my blog. Here's a pic ofI've just blogged about what I made with the fabric I won the last time, and very appropriately it's a present, although not a Christmas present this time:

    My next project is the earthquake appeal blocks, so hopefully you'll see them soon

  4. Okay it's taken a while but here is something from me! An up-cycled woollen bag with vintage sheet lining. 1 present done so I am not COMPLETELY useless!

    Thanks for the inspiration lovely!

  5. I love your present for Aunty Jean, that's something I might try for my Gran! I'm definitely glad you've started the challenge, because I've been making so many things that I would never have got around to if I left it to the last minute.

    Here's my entry for this week:

  6. I see we have some competition :)
    Here's my entry: a cute fleece hat for a cute three-year-old.


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