Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank you so much....

For all your kind comments. Annie-Rose is feeling much much better! We have some special medicine now for if (when) it happens again, and I'm going to do a first aid course, my last certificate is looooong expired. It was not nice thinking, what if I have to do CPR and trying to remember what you do for babies. No, not nice at all.
I feel a bit frazzled actually one way or another. Last night Reuben took two of his epilepsy medicine, but he's fine too. (Love the Poisons Centre) We definitely are having a couple of "interesting" weeks. On quilty front, I whipped up a top for James' best friend Keiran. I'll try and get some pictures today. It is nice to see some Cafty Godness isn't it. Still it's clean the house Thursday, so maybe if I get off my butt I'll see some Clean House Goodness for about 5 minutes!


  1. Oh, poor wee Annie-Rose! That's one of my worst fears as a parent, I hope it never happens...

    SO glad she's okay, she looks darling in this photo! Cute clothes, too =)

  2. Oh you poor thing Deb!
    I hope that's the end of your dramas for a long time to come and that you can enjoy those gorgeous kids of yours.
    Have a happy Thursday. X

  3. Oh, Deb! I am so glad Annie Rose is doing better! You know, her having a seizure did not make me think anything of the fact that Reuben has seizures...where is my brain? I hope that she keeps getting better and does not have another seizure!

  4. wow your kids are keeping you on your toes right now...and yet you still made a quilt. you are amazing

  5. i'm so glad to hear she's feeling better!


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