Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today I'm going to drive all day so that I can see a girl in a bikini! (and then drive back tomorrow)

 Today our wearable arts entry is on the catwalk at the Alexandra Blossom Festival and Miriam and I are going to drive down to see it. We may or may not  (ahem) stop at some opshops on the way, It's going to be a lovely day I think. This is the dress Miriam made, and she made 100s of flowers from recycled wool garments to sew on. We sewed them on together over a couple of evenings.
And here is the bikini I knitted. It actually took me ages considering it looks tiny! (Thanks to the lovely Naomi for modeling for us) It will be awesome to see it coming down the catwalk. The plan is that the model walks down in the dress and then pulls open the dress and pulls it off and behold! a bikini. I hope it all goes to plan!
Here's a close up sans the beautiful body! Isn't it cute? I was so surprised how many tutorials there were on Ravelry for knitted bikinis! Who knits these things? actually who wears them??


  1. I am with you...who wears those?? Especially knitted! Anyway, it is beautiful and you did a lovely job!

  2. lets start with how crazy adorable your model is...she looks fantastic in your AMAZING knitted bikini! i love it. you are awesome

  3. ha! i love the title of your post and that bikini is awesome

  4. They both look great - hope that you had a great day out. I am actually thinking of knitting myself a bakini - not sure if it will ever see the water or if it will just be somehting cute to show off under a white Kaftan while building sandcastles:)

  5. I don't know if anyone wears them, but they should, don't you think?! It's fantastic


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