Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today I'm grateful for...

 A new week, all fresh and clean!
The disasters of last week behind us.
Thank you God for walking with us every step of the way.
 Good friends! (Miriam this is the back of your soon-to-be-made quilt)
 Good neighbours who are good friends.
Thank you Ruth for the lilac, I love having you in my life!!
 Having lots of ideas and trying some out.
Staying sane.
Do you like my new brooch?
 Family. Thank you to mum and dad for helping out with Roo yesterday.
New quilt for Sharyn who is going to Sydney to live
but I'm going to be positive about that for now.
Cute cute baby pretending she is not actually doing a poo!
Funny photos of baby to save for her 21st!

Thanks Maxabella for reminding me to be Grateful!


  1. Your new brooch is lovely and I am suffering from a case of quilt envy over your new quilt.

  2. I find the best cure for quilt envy is just to go over to her house and steal one. Works a treat.

  3. lol at sharyn...they are the coolest quilts...and sydney is a great place to live...take

  4. I like your new brooch very much indeed!! Great post, Deb. Thanks for linking up. x

  5. Love, love the fabric for my quilt back - weehee! Glad things are looking up. Thinking of you my friend. x

  6. is this a peek at your birds quilt??? i love it! you always have the best pictures. thanks for the reminders to be greateful. the brooch is very pretty


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