Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I've been up to lately...

 Making apple custards from the September Taste Magazine. Amazing! Actually I think I 'need' another helping.
 Setting up things for kiddos to play with. So thankful for my mum who picked up the pop up tent from the side of the road, it's awesome for the littlies to play with. I think I have baked every single day these holidays and there is NEVER anything left the next day!
 The littlest Robertson is sick AGAIN. How in the world can this be? I've been feeding her fruit smoothies, they come in this packet, they are the only thing she'll take.
Loving the new pillowcases, well vintage pillowcases with the thrifted doillies on that I've dyed yellow! So summery and fresh. I did manage to sew one row onto an oldish UFO that I think I'll try and finish tomorrow while Annie sleeps. I need some crafting for sure.


  1. Those apple custards sound good! Might have to get my Mum to send me a copy of the mag.
    Hope your little one feels better soon. Pillowcase looks very summery and dying doilies.. what a great idea. I have a bit of a collection now from the op shops but need to figure out what to do with them :)

  2. far out those custards look amazing!! and thankyou so much for the beads :)

  3. sick again...popor thing! look at all that hair she is growing. gorgeous. your apple custard sounds intriguing. custards are not common in the US. i just made a apple caramel cake. i love that yellow doily

  4. Hey there,
    Did you ever get my e-mail about the give away? I need to hear back from you just to be sure.

  5. i love those pillowcases, too! they are really sweet.

    hope your littlest one feels better soon.


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