Sunday, November 21, 2010


There's a saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" which we often quote. Lately though I'm starting to wonder just how strong we need to be! In the last three months we've lived through...
  • Major Earthquake
  • A temporary teenager runaway
  • An angry teenage foot-through-a-glass-window
  • A massive frebrile convulsion
  • A partical amputation
  • Car vs trailer
  • Coughs, colds and tummy bugs 
 Today, feeling a bit tired after the constant stream of happenings and wondering what could happen next, I noticed this wisteria plant in the wilderness part of our property we call "Bangladesh". After two years in it's plastic bag (I thought it had died and tossed it behind the garage) I see it sprouting hopefully away again.

Amazing! Honestly, it is inspiring to see hope in action.
Also today our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the Pike River Miners which makes any perceived difficulties we might have pale into insignificance.


  1. Thinking of the Pike River Miners and hoping for the best. NZ has been through enough lately.

  2. Im with you Deb. I keep wondering how strong we need to be... and then something like the Pike river mine happens and I feel humbled about how much good is in my life.
    thinking of you too because its ok to acknowledge the rough patches.

  3. You've been through a lot Deb but I guess there is always someone worse off than we think we are. Hope life goes a bit more smoothly for you!

  4. You must be pretty bloody strong by now :-) xxx

  5. wow are a strong woman...that is a lot of goings on.

  6. That plant is amazing!

    I hope life goes smoother through the end of the year for you!

  7. Hugs - you have had quiet a busy, hecktic, emothional three months. Lets hope that the next three will be better!

    Thinking of the miners and family and friends too - what a terrible thing to happen.


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