Sunday, November 21, 2010

At My House today...

Finished pillow ready for posting!
It had an unfortunate accident with a cup of tea...
but survived unscathed.
Postcard ready for posting!
Hope my swapee likes these wee houses. 
Lots of bee blocks ready for posting.
Love these fabrics. 
One tired boy lying on the sofa
recovering from his super busy weekend.
He was dancing in a Jolt show yesterday.


  1. Hope the boy is on the mend soon - your creative things look great.

  2. I love that postcard!!! I don't think I've ever seen a fabric postcard before... I think I'd be tuckered out after a Jolt show too!x

  3. I love those little houses on your postcard. I'm sure your swappee will love them too!

  4. Lots of great stuff happening at your house , enjoy .

  5. Lots of works in progress at your house. Happy crafting! Lou.

  6. Blimey your house is being very productive at the moment isn't it? Well done you!


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