Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Bird Quilt Trilogy...

Three Quilts for Three girls. They collected the fabrics, dreamed of quilts and started cutting... but then life got in the way with its Hopes and Plans. So I said they paid for Shenleigh to quilt them I'd finish them. I was apprehensive about breathing life into someone else's dream, but these are lovely quilts. Also for the first time, I put wool blanket on the back of two of them (plus battting) which has made snuggly warm quilts perfect for sleeping under! So without further ado I present you three bird quilts....
 Simple Squares!
Purple wool blanket 
It was bittersweet making these two as my two dear friends
are going to Sydney to live and leaving me behind.
I sewed a lot of love into these quilts
knowing they will sleep under them while far away from me.

These pictures were taken in my friend Liz's garden
(she lives next door to me, lucky me!) 
This is from the Material Obsession book.
It's a great way to showcase favourite fabrics.
All of theses fabrics are bird fabrics and all three quilts have
pretty much the same fabrics. 
Simona's quilt, she cut a lot of pieces
and I managed to make the quilt in her head come together! 
 Favourite fabric... this one by Saffron Craig
Gotta love me some owls!
Strippy bindings = yummy! 
and to finish, nice backings...
wool blanket on the left and thrifted sheet
in Sharyn's favourite mustard colour on the back.


  1. Such beautiful quilts! I love the wool backing!

  2. Truly beautiful - I'm sure your friends will treasure them.

  3. Wow you have been busy, lovely!
    Like the wool backing, how cosy.


  4. They are BEAUTIFUL, great fabric choice. l

  5. these look amazing...i think fabric should be the star of every quilt!!! and these birds sure are. how clever of you to use the wool on the backs. so cozy

  6. You are a great friend! Hopefully you will get to visit them soon!

  7. Love the idea of the wool balnket on the back. Very snuggly. Cherrie

  8. They are beautiful. You are a great friend to finish it for them.

  9. Gorgeous quilts Deb. I love the idea to put wool on the back. It will make a great winter quilt.

  10. They're gorgeous, and what a good idea with the blankets! I made the Material Obsession one for my Bug, and we love it.


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