Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For today...

Outside my window... blue skies, sunshine and bright bunting!

I am thinking... about how grateful I am that Annie-Rose is getting better from her wee surgery this week.

I am thankful for... doctors, antiboitics, friends, family and crunchy apples.

From the kitchen... planning on baking a chocolate cake today and some cookies.

I am wearing... my favourite pjs. Time to get dressed soon.

I am creating... Christmas stockings for my children, my brother and his partner.

I am going... to watch my youngest son perform Kapa Haka at the Art Gallery today.

I am reading... Frankie Magazine.

I am hoping... to cut out a new quilt today just because I need a burst of colour.

I am hearing... National Radio in the kitchen and various music from the kids bedrooms.

Around the house... sleepy kids waking up in bed, morning mess and the washing machine whirring.

One of my favorite things... the new pillows I made for the sofa last week. I'm so glad I made time to make them.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Finish Christmas stockings, baking, keeping the small girl with the large bandage happy and some Bee Blocks.

Don't you love these postcards? I got them from Beth. I love the way she wrote my name with a small d which is what I usually do.
Thanks to Peggy for this.


  1. Such a happy, busy sounding post. I hope your day goes as planned.

  2. I'm so glad the surgery weny well and that Annie-Rose is on the mend.


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