Thursday, November 18, 2010

I can always find something to do instead of the dishes, the washing, the tidying, the Christmas stockings and the Birthday Cake i NEED to make today....

On the way to drop Chrissy at work today
I stopped by the Supershed to buy a suitcase
(I may have got a couple of other things as well!!)

And when we came home instead of all the aforementioned tasks
we made the suitcase into a bed for Mondo
(inspired by the Dottie Angel!)

and so now the dog has his own bed in Reuben's Room.
There was much flurrying about in my house this morning
because I told my children they will eat Bread and Butter all weekend
unless their bedrooms are tidy by 6pm tonight!
I can almost see their floors.


  1. Love the dogs bed what an awesome idea!! Looks great. Anita

  2. I love how you told your kids they would be eating bread and butter all weekend if they didn't clean their rooms. I wonder if that would work with a 16 year old....

  3. Depending on the kind of bread, I wouldn't necessarily mind a short term bread and butter diet ;).... My body on the other hand might not like it.

  4. Oh! I forgot to mention how awesome the dog bed is! I've never seen anyone use a suitcase before for one, but its such a great idea!

  5. Oh that is just so COOL!!!! what a great idea - I bet the dog loves it - too cute!!!
    I cant wait until the kids get a kitten now and we might have to copy :)

  6. Great idea on a dog bed - but is it a wee bit small? And I had to threaten my kids with worse than that to make them clean their rooms! Good going!

  7. Genius! I should try that on my boyfriend ha ha. Thanks for sharing the story of your blog name in response to my post

  8. what a fine way to get them to clean up. i wish it would work on mine but alas i think they would rather eat bread and butter than what i would ordinarily make or anything i make for that matter.

    i love that idea for a dog bed. If the day comes that i get a wild hair and decide we are going to get a dog that might just be what i do.

  9. Oh my goodness!! That is so cute!

  10. In our house it was bread and lard if we didn't catch any fish ;) I love that dog bed, I wonder if Miss Maisy Brown would hop in to one of those?


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