Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've been busy....

I've finished Course Two for Playcentre this week.
I've been summoned into school for a meeting.
We've had raised voices and broken glass.
I've cooked dinners and done washing.
And tidied a million times.
I've finished one Christmas Stocking
and started 8 more.
I've played with Annie-Rose
and watched her blossom.
I've tutored maths (i learnt heaps about ratios at the same time)
I've been honing my negotiating skills.
I'm learning about trusting my Heavenly Father.... (again and again)
We are four years into our 22 year stint with teenagers.
Will we survive?


  1. ooooooh! My Abby is just 12 and such an easy going girl - every now and then I have to remind myself that she is just 12 and that there are years ahead of us that may very well be much less easy going! Glad to hear your surviving with such good spirit.

  2. this sounds like one crazy busy week!!! i already get a run for my money with my avery, who is only 8, so i am a little worried about what the teen years are going to look like.

  3. woowww you sure have been busy!!!


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