Monday, November 29, 2010

a Present a Week {till Christmas} last week for 2010

Hi everyone, sorry I'm so late in the week.
I did know it got crazy at the end of the year and that's why I started this.
I'm going to make this the last post if nobody minds
because here it is summer and the sun is shining
and I want to go and play with my babies!!
I'm still working on my projects.
Here's two quilts bound, can't show you the pics till after!
I've made one Christmas stocking
and have 7 or 8 to go, hopefully this week.
I posted many many parcels on Saturday,
including all the ones I owed here!
Watch your postbox ladies :)
The winner for this week is Kelly at Vintage Mum
Kelly can you please email me your address?
I'm going to pick two winners this week
seeing as it's the last week.
Let's get all these projects finished ladies.
Hurray for us!
Hurray for Handmade Christmas Presents!


  1. I was able to finish another gift without realizing I did. I know, sounds crazy. I love what you have been up to! Great stuff

  2. Thanks Deb - I now realise why you started so early! I see December going much quicker than November and that seemed to disappear. Will email you now :)

  3. I must have missed last week's post! Here's my latest batch:
    Living in New Hampshire, it is so strange to think of you starting your summer!

  4. I got another gift made:

    Thanks so much for the extra motivation!

  5. I found this because of Mary Anne at mamsmiles. I just posted pictures of a nightgown I made from a flannel's for my daughter for Christmas. The post is here:

  6. what a gorgeous angel! Thanks for all the inspiration Deb, you're a Christmas star ;)

    Here's my finbal entry:


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