Friday, November 19, 2010

This week I'm thankful for....

Finishing my Swap Cushion! 
My favourite flower in the garden flowering again. 
My great washing machine which is so gentle on the quilts. 
Family and friends, we needed you this week! 
The wee girl who is mending fast! 
The tidy garage.
6am David: "Are you awake"
Me: "No!"
David: "Shall we get up and tidy the garage
and then go out of breakfast?"
Me: "Sure!"
So glad we did, it's awesome and
now I can sew all afternoon.
Yes I'm thankful!


  1. She's just amazing - life has gone on. Children never cease to delight us with their resilience!

    Thanks for linking today. Lovely to see you. x

  2. Hi Deb,
    I just wanted to let you know that I sent out your pillow on Tuesday the 16th. So keep an eye out for the package.

  3. Lovely post... simple things can be the best things to be thankful for : )

  4. There's something about a tidy garage that just brings the whole world into balance. Found you via Grateful Saturday, and loved your post!

  5. I think I'd be grateful for a motivated husband too, who wanted to clean the garage...and then thought of going somewhere nice with you all. What a lovely man!

  6. It is so great when we can motivate each other to get a job like that done - it really makes you feel good!
    And so glad your little one is okay - they bounce-back so well don't they? :-)
    Have a great weekend xxx

  7. Oh dear! I have been busy and missed what happened to your little bubba. Had to back track a bit. Poor thing. My husband is a security guard at a shopping plaza and has had a few kids lose their fingertips in the doors. The mothers and babys door. I think there are alot of doors that should have plastic guards on them. It's something I am always worried about. Hope she heals fast. xxoo

  8. Kids are tougher than we give them credit for. But it still makes me sigh with cuteness at her little cast (and makes me think how hard it must have been for mummy too!) But the rewards for a clean garage and an afternoon of crafting. Blissful! Happy Grateful Day. xx

  9. what a delightful grateful post. i so love a treat out after some hard work and especially if it means also getting to do what your heart desires. what a gorgeous cherub!

  10. oh my hubby loves a tidy garage!! anytime i can declutter and organize i feel so productive. glad to know that little Annie Rose is mending well.

  11. Hi, I got my Christmas Swap stocking today - thank you so much. It was a lovely surprise to open a parcel of yummy Christmas goodness.

    Ouch! - hope your little one heals soon.
    Well done for a tidy garage - I'd be happy with a tidy coffee table right now! x

  12. wow, sounds like you got a big washing machine there. have a great week!


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