Saturday, November 13, 2010

Throw away the rule book weekends....

Who said you can't wear your new clothes to the beach? 
Who said you can't have three fires??
Who said you can only have fires at night? 
Who said you can't spend all day in the river? 
Who said you needed to remember your togs to swim? 
Who said you can't craft on holiday? 
Who said you can't snooze in a chair? 
Who said you can't have Christmas bunting in November? 
Who said you can't try a new pattern out on the way in the car??

Ah, we had the best time.
Camping Rocks

and do you know what made it even better?
When I got home Mum had done all the washing and ironing I left behind.
You rock my world Mother!!


  1. Hah ha. Love this post. We just snuck away minus the ignorant teenagers who would rather stay in the city (where did we go wrong?)
    I crafted til I dropped too.

  2. Oh, a holiday and the washing done for you - what bliss!!! xxx

  3. wow your mom is awesome!!! this looks like a lovely place and so much fun


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