Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What colour is compromise?

In our house it's white!
Here is the drawer that David uses.
Also all our main meals.
Because David likes white
and seeing as David pays all the bills
sometimes I think it's nice to do something he likes!!

And here is the other drawer that the rest of us use all the time
(apart from Dinner time)
because a pretty plate makes us happy!
Hardly any of them match,
but that is the point.
We like that.

Compromise works.
Everybody wins.


  1. Haha! I love that you have two separate drawers for that :-)
    It's so great when "compromise" actually means that everyone gets what they want.

    ~ Meagan

  2. Love it when everybody gets to be happy~!

  3. haha awesome. I eat off a pretty plate every night while the rest of the family eat off just feels more comforting on a pretty plate :)

  4. Our compromise is Mr. Wonderful gets to fry(bacon, liver, gross stuff)and he gets to clean up the my standards. A simple wipe doesn't do it for me on the grease;-)

    Your two drawers are funny. I like the mismatch drawer, sorry David.


  5. So funny! i have to admit...I'm with David on this one!

  6. Love your drawer of pretty plates. My sister has all mismatched plates which I love!
    I love the compromise.. funny how everyone is different :)

  7. i love your dish drawers...your is so pretty and fun.


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