Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another last-minute gift: Quilt for Ruby...

I had been racking my brains what to make for a wee girl called Ruby.
She's a real sweetie and her parents are super talented artists
so it's hard to know what to make.

But then I remembered Reuben's "Cheer-me-up" Quilt
and I realised I had all the materials on hand.
Including an old candlewick bedspread for the back
to make it soft and snuggly.
It's turned out so lovely, I want to keep it.
Which is always a good sign!!
I'm pretty sure Ruby is going to LOVE it!
(Reuben tested it to make sure it was the right size)

I think that is the last of the presents now.


  1. Deb, those colors make me positively swoon. I'm sure Ruby will love it.

  2. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!! No surprises there!

  3. I love this! Need to consider making one for myself! (Not that I don't have enough already :p)

  4. What a good idea and what a lovely result.

  5. Deb . . . it looks just gorgeous! I'm so excited . . . I haven't posted yet but I finally finished 2 handmade gifts! HOORAY! Ok . . . just had to share that with someone who would appreciate it. :)

  6. HOW do you call this last minute! you are amazing!! LOVE this one!


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