Thursday, December 30, 2010

From the camping ground...

Country roads in the evening...

Sleeping baby in the pram...

Washing on the clothesline (even though I said I wasn't washing for a week... What was I thinking?)

Stitching in the shade on a hot afternoon...

One sick girl + one sudden temperature = one seizure + one ride in the ambulance!!

I hope the holidays are full of simple pleasures for you and not too many dramas!!


  1. I hope your little girl is alright. Not the kind of thing you want to happen when your away from home.

  2. oh my gosh is your daughter okay? I've been through the camping and ambulance experience and it wasn't nice. Back to your daughter is everything okay?
    Hugs xxx
    ps: how do you blog whilst camping? (I'm off on the 2nd)

  3. Oh goodness - I was reading along in envy of your bliss...until!
    I hope she is okay - that's NOT the kind of drama you need.
    Hugs for that sweet little thing :-)

  4. Happy holidays Debbie... Hope your little girl is okay now.

  5. Deb, I am sure you wouldn't have this life any other way, but sometimes I wish it could be easier for you! Seizures are for the birds! Poor little A-R!

  6. oh dear - hope the wee one is ok now! She's had a bit of a rough year so I hope 2011 is a bit kinder to her


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