Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gifts for Holly House...

If you are a Facebook friend of mine, you will have seen that I have been very busy this week with collecting some gifts for a home for teenage mothers here in Christchurch. This is the email that came to me this week via playcentre....

"My sister manages Holly House – a house for teenage mothers to live and learn parenting and life skills. These girls have no-one. They are often fostered children, abused girls etc and have chosen to try and keep their babies – but without the loving support of a family behind them. This is why they are there....

This year there are 8 girls living in the house (with their babies from 3 months to 1 year old) and 10 girls who have already been through Holly House and are now in the community with their babies (up to 2 years old) – still coming under Holly House care.
If there is anyone able to supply a gift for either the young mothers or their babies – or both, this would be so welcome and appreciated. Even some delicious Christmas food would be fantastic. The government does not have funds available to provide any little extras for the girls at this time and they have no one in their families prepared to have them home for Christmas."

So I contacted Sue and asked her if I could put it on facebook. She said yes and I created a group and sent it to about 60 people. It ended up going to over 700 people and now on my dining table I have 30 parcels.
I am amazed and humbled by the response. It is just fantastic. I do hope that these mums and kids love opening all their presents on Christmas day. It's been fun. My house is now trashed, haha, but who cares? What is more important... a tidy house or 30 gift parcels. Hurray for Christmas.


  1. i love what you are doing for the mothers and babies at holly house deb, you must be over the moon for the response that you had! good on you. merry christmas to you and yours.


  2. wow Deb, you did good! And, I think you're no different a mum then most here in the US. If you have ever noticed...the idiots who are NOT mums, are always the most critical! I can also say that I had the creativeness to use dish towels on baby bums when I ran out of diapers. No, my babies were never in disposables, they wore the cloth nappies. I wasn't cheap, the little darlings were born before the disposables came out. I just don';t want you to think all the mums in the USA are rude and ignorant. And yes, you certainly may delete this note, I don't mind at all. Take care and good for you collecting the pressies...Elaine from Texas

  3. What a great thing you have done Deb! I am sure those young ladies and their babies will appreciate your help!

  4. This is such a wonderful thing you are doing for these very brave girls who have chosen a very hard road and should be given all the support in the world. They should be proud on themselves and deserve a little spoiling at xmas.
    You should be proud too :-)

  5. What a heartbreaking start, but what a huge blessing you have given these girls and their babies;-)

    See what great things can be done when we allow God to use us as his vessel, and sometimes that means letting the housework go. This may sound corny, but I am so proud of you Deb;-)


  6. awesome work - you go girl. Shame I didn't know I totally would have contributed. Well done that is one of those eternal moments you can do with crating and love combined. Love you!

  7. Thanks for organizing this - I appreciated being given an opportunity to help out in some small way - Think I can see some of the stuff I dropped off in one of those bags!

  8. You've given yourself and others the best gift, helping others. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  9. what a great thing to do for christmas....

  10. You are amazing Deb! Amazing and inspiring.
    I don't do facebook so I had no idea but I think those women will be thrilled and overwhelmed by your kindness. I hope you and your family have the best and happiest Christmas ever. X


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