Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Peace Labryinth...

We have been trying to do something nice each evening
it's tempting to keep right on working
but important to take some time!

We wandered around the Peace Labryinth in town
in Tuesday Night.

It was a lovely evening
and great to take some time to reflect.

There was also a lot of knitting about in town.

I know half the world is shivering in the cold
but we are roasting down here at the bottom of the world!
Hot hot hot!!!


  1. Honestly can it get any hotter?

    Peace labyrinth looks great - never heard of them.

  2. I loved it. Glad you got there too. Need to catch up when we get back from our holiday. Merry Christmas Robertsons!

  3. the knitted bits on the trees are awesome....i love that....and the labyrinth is so cool. we had a chance to walk one while on vacation last year and it was very peaceful and soothing.


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