Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: MasterChef New Zealand - The Cook Book

The lovely Sarah from Kiwi Mummy Blogs (an awesome site full of great kiwi bloggers)
sent me the MasterChef recipe book to review.
I'd watched a lot of the show and really enjoyed it
so was pleased to be able to get my hands on the book.

It's a really beautiful book with lovely pictures and lots of clear instructions.
I made the Lamb and Kumera Curry pie on Friday night for dinner.
Actually there is a reason I'm not a MasterChef contestant
as I did find there was a lot of instructions to follow
not my usual throw in the pot concoctions!

But the result was absolutely worth it
even though the Kumera burnt while I was on a Marathon Taxi
driving stint and James was in charge of it!!

I didn't put pastry on the bottom,
just the top, but it was still delicious and I'll definitely make it again.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the 
MasterChef program in New Zealand.
It's a lovely book and would make a great present.


  1. this looks so tasty...what is Kumera?

  2. Leslie, kumara is sweet potato. :) It looks delicious! My father in law loves MasterChef, I will have to get this for him.

  3. Nice work! I am impressed. x

  4. Awesome!!! My friend and I got to meet some of the contestants at this years food show. She's a HUGE fan of the show.


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