Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There's the things I should be doing and the things I am doing...

I wake up very early. It's my time to talk to God, put on a load of washing, tidy a little, have a hot cup of tea and organise my thoughts. I love it. It's so warm at the moment I can open the outside doors and let the early morning sounds drift in. Today I had a enormous pile of laundry to fold and the weeds in the garden have taken off. But did I do that?
No. Remember these blocks??
Every morning I've been working away at them.
Now that my Christmas presents are done,
it's time for some guilt free sewing.
These little x's are going to be pressed today
and tomorrow mornings job will be to sew another line.
Or maybe not.
But that is what early mornings are all about.

What do you do to restore your soul??


  1. you enjoy just puddling and playing, have fun!

  2. right now about the only thing i get that is restorative in any way is sleep....and my morning cup of tea, of course.


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