Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thrifty finds Thursday...

I've discovered that the best time to go to the Super Shed is 9am. It's madness but there are great treasures to be found! I found this great roasting pan this week and have used it twice already. It's just what I needed.
Today I made roast potatoes in it for my 17 year old daughter
because she wanted them and because I could
and I shed tears for the mum of Joseph.

I found these little canisters which make me smile when I use them.
Actually I don't use instant coffee
but occasionally I get a visitor who likes it.

And this enamel dish is so perfect.
I can use it on the stove top
and put it in the oven.
It's been a good week for finding Treasures!


  1. I love that blue pot!! cute! It would be perfect for making my Irish stew recipe!

  2. you are such a great treasure hunter!!! these are awesome. i have never done roast potato in a pan like that...

  3. Those are beautiful finds ! I love those canisters!

  4. Nice! Love the blue enamel pot!


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