Friday, January 14, 2011

Are there Thrift Shops in Sydney??

Two of my favourite people moved to Sydney this week.
Look at them happily transplanted there.

Simona-the-Smartie is going to be a doctor
and Sharyn is getting a job there.

But first they have to set up their flat
and they want to use preloved things.

Is there anyone in Sydney who reads my blog
who can tell me where the opshops are
so I can tell them??

Or maybe you've visited and noticed a good one.
Thanks so much people.

We wouldn't want them to have to go to Ikea would we??


  1. how fun and exciting to move to a new place

  2. just get them to google....i am in the burbs of sydney and they are all over the place from here to the city....the further they get from the city the cheaper they will be...there are very up market ones there...just go to vinnies and salvos...they should be everywhere...goodluck to your friends...


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