Thursday, January 13, 2011

The cuteness that is a new kitten...

Chrissy and I saw the cage of kittens at the Farmers Market
the moment we arrived.

She persuaded me that her live would be over
if a kitten did not come home with us.

She reminded me how her own kitten had been run over
and how much she missed him.

She begged and begged.
And I thought,
What's one more??

Really not that much really!
but such a wee sweetie to add to our family.
I'm glad I listened to my heart
and said yes.

Perhaps I should say Yes more often...


  1. Deb can you give me $5000? (note last line of your post)

  2. Haha Jo!

    Such a cutie - my husband is a sucker for kittens!

  3. awww! how adorable!

    im a sucker for kittens to =)

  4. we love her so much!!!!! lol :-) xoxoxoxoxoxox

  5. I'm glad you saved your daughter's life in such a sweet and wonderful way.

  6. what a cute kitten and what a nice can be so persuasive!

  7. kittens are the best - how can anyone say no?


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