Saturday, January 8, 2011

Enjoying the afternoon sun at Corsair bay...

We took our wee cooker and our sausages
and white bread and tomato sauce
great kiwi food!

I had two quilts to photograph.
This is my all time favourite quilt but the colours won't comeout right.
It is super vibrant and bright, so will have to try again on a cloudy day!
Dear wee Annie-Rose has claimed this for her own.
She says "Mine! Mine!" if you try and take it.

Corsair bay was idyllic tonight.
Beautiful and warm in the sun.

We had all had fun!

This is a sneak peak of the other quilt.
I'll show it properly once the new owner gets it.
I love how it's turned out.
Don't you love it when a project in your head
comes together??


  1. I have very fond memories of Corsair Bay after a fun summer holiday spent with my bestie as teenagers cruising Lyttelton in her mum's borrowed mini :) Gorgeous quilts - particularly like the 2nd one pictured.

  2. corsair bay looks like a really lovely place. It is so cute that she has claimed her quilt..i hope that Delilah will do the same one day. the colors in your other quilt are stunning. i can not wait to see more pictures

  3. Oooh Deb you are a clever and secretive lady...I can't wait to see some pics!!!!!!!!!!!!


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