Sunday, January 23, 2011

Foundations quilt is finished....

I finally got to deliver this quilt to Miriam and Mike.
They had a very intense week last week,
they moved into their new house which was awesome
but Mike's mum died suddenly which was devestating.

Months ago I pulled the fabrics and picked a pattern
from The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking.
(I need to start putting tags in my blog so I can find things again)
I chose a combo of Tulip field and...

Floral frocks.
What I actually did is cut the fabric in half across the width of the fabric
and made three columns of it in random widths.

I really love how it turned out.
I was thinking of the verse in the bible in Eph 2:20
when I decided to make this quilt.

It's for a house of mainly boys so it needed to be manly
but also girly enough for Miriam.
She told me that she likes all the colours of a peacock tail,
so I went with that and added the orange and brown
because it sort of needed it!

I love making quilts like this.
Really I do.
I also love the Fisher family.
God bless you guys.


  1. Another beautiful quilt Deb. Maybe its age(for me) but the more simple the quilt and easier to put together are becoming my favorites.

    Please tell David happy belated bday. We talk of you often here, as my hubs is so in love with New Zealand(never been). It was just about the one place he didn't go to in his travels with the USNavy. I tell him you all are still having aftershocks, and know you all are in our prayers.


  2. Beautiful colors--they look great together in the quilt!

  3. love reading of your beautiful friendship on the both of your blogs :)
    everything about all of it beautiful

  4. Deb!!!! Woman who blesses my heart! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE my quilt (okay so I'm kind of sharing but in my heart it is mine!)

    Love you even more though xx

  5. What wonderful colours! I simply can never resist a stripey quilt, it's gorgeous :)

  6. The colours you've used are just so stunning. I am sure it will bring great comfort to this family as well.

  7. what a beautiful gift...i love that you use scripture as your inspiration.

  8. Very lovely, I particularly love the wee feet at the bottom of the 4th picture! I didn't even notice it was being held until I saw them!

  9. Hi there from California, nice to meet you. Jody here. What a beautful quilt with all its blues and greens looks wonderful againt the sea hanging there. So amazing that someone take the time to make something so lovely for someone else...


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