Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We are home again...

We camped in the rain and the sun
We played games
I stitched (a lot)
We read magazines
Nearly all of us got sick
We called the ambulance once
We got a brand new kitten
and kept it in the tent for the rest of the holiday

We've had a Robertson Family Holiday!

Just 10,000 piles of laundry
and the last of the vomit
to clean out of the car.

Happy New Year Everyone!!


  1. Welcome home, and hasn't Chch just turned on the right weather for piles of washing! We have a tent to air out soon so hoping for a fine day

  2. Welcome back. You even manage to have dramatic holidays!!! Happy New Year

  3. Oh Deb, only a mjum could drop a line like 'clean the last of the vomit out of the car' so casually into conversation like that!!
    Glad you're all home in one piece :-)

  4. So understanding the pile of washing and hoping the cat wasn't borrowed from the camping neighbourhood!

  5. Sounds like you had an eventful holiday! welcome back xx
    ps do we get to see piccies of the cute kitty??

  6. oh my goodness! what an adventure. i was so happy when i saw that you have a CHRISSY! that.s my name too and exactly how i spell it. i want to see more pictures of your stitching and can you tell me what kind of hoop you are using in your photo?
    happy you stopped by my blog so i could visit yours too!
    happy new year!

  7. Gross but funny. Nice! No good about needing ambos yay about the camping kitten. Looking forward to seeing pics of the stitching, the puddy cat but hold off on the vomit thanks :o)

  8. Sounds like an eventful time! Glad you are home safe and well.


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