Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Concrete Block Quilt....

A few months ago I was taking some picture for a friend
of architectural features and noticed these concrete block walls.
Instead of being laid staggered as they normally are
they all lined up.

Ah ha, I thought, that would be an awesome quilt.

Oh yes my word, it does.
It's simple but effective.
I like it.

Nice simple clean lines, just like I like it.

I still think the simplest things are the best.
(I do think it needs a better name though)

If you want to give your pride a dent,
pick a busy intersection to take your pictures.
Just saying!


  1. oh wow, you're brave! I like it and yep, simple is good. You have some great fabrics in there Deb

  2. this is really cool.
    how about calling it building blocks or block tower

  3. Very lovely! I like Kelly's suggestion of building blocks, very cute!

  4. This is how we stacked our fountain - with light blue glass tiles - and it looks really good if you want to convey a colour rather than a texture. Anyway your quilt looks great against it..

  5. It looks great! The simple quilts are my favorite anyway - who needs a complicated design when the fabric is so pretty? :)

  6. you are so brave to get out there and just go for it when you take pictures of your quilts. i always just do it in my yard and even then i am pretty sure my neighbors wonder what it is that i am doing. i love the way it turned has all the simplicity of a squares quilt but with just that little twist, making them rectangles. who knew something so simple could make such a difference.

  7. Love it! Simple shapes make wonderful quilts.


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