Monday, February 7, 2011

Flea Market finds....

I got this awesome bag this week
it is just the coolest bag and it great condition.

And the teeniest, tiniest teaset
from the Supershed.

Six cups and saucers.
I think that Annie-Rose can have a real tea party
for her second birthday.

How cute would that be with
little cookies, cakes and wee cups of 'tea'?

Oh I might have to make some tiny bunting to go with it.
Yes indeedy, I think I just might.


  1. So cute....just a question, where do you put them all?? Or do you get rid of as much stuff as you sneak in? Lol xx

  2. oh a little tee party for a little girl, that sounds perfect!!! i love that bag. it is one of those finds i have always hoped to looks like a bowling ball bag.

  3. That bag! That bag! Suuuuuper divine.


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